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Service Department

Great Lakes Recreational is family owned and operated business with over 30 years of industry experience. We can service Fifth wheels, traveler trailers, toy haulers, pop ups, motorhomes, utility and cargo trailers. We can do almost any kind of service you need. Even though we do mobile service we also have a full service repair facility that can accommodate the repairs and updates you may need. We have a large parts showroom onsite so you can stock up before your next trip!

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and love to develop a long term customer relationships. Satisfaction is more than just a promise; it’s our way of doing business!

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Pre-Purchase Inspections (In shop or On-site via Mobile Service)

Complete Inspections

Interior and exterior repairs

A/C Repairs

Solar panel Installs and Service

Appliance Rear and Replacements

Roof repairs and replacements

Awnings repaired or replaced


Minor mechanical

Wheel Bearing and Brake services

Electrical diagnostics and repair

Interior renovations and updates

Exterior Body work

Collision repair work


RV Service Recommendations/Tips:

Safety Inspections for Spring Time or Potential Buyers:

Items we check during these inspections are batteries, water systems, appliances, tires, seams and sealants for roofs and the overall condition on your RV

Safety Inspections = Good Vehicle Health!

Interior and Exterior Repairs:

These types of repairs include water leaks, appliance repairs, electrical, lights, switches, hardware, faucets, replacement or upgrades and roof repairs. Vents and roofs need to be inspected for cracks, looseness or deterioration or void breaks at least twice a year. Treating rubber roof cleaner and conditioner is recommended as well.

AC Repairs and Replacements

Since the majority of RV’s are used in the hottest time of year, it is a MUST to keep them in good operating order. Merely, cleaning and replacing the filters is not enough to maintain your RV A/C in tip-top condition. There are certain procedures for guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of your RV A/C unit. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator will make a huge difference in the cooling ability of the RV. Lubricating the A/C fan motor may also help with the life and performance of the unit itself. The A/C needs to be cleaned often as well as running it so it doesn’t freeze up.

Solar Panel Installs and Repair or Replacements:

With RV solar panels, you will be able to take your RV just about anywhere, making travel easier and more stress free than ever before. We sell a variety of solar panels to fit any RV!


The refrigerators need to have the flame adjusted and the burner tube cleaned as well as the spark gab checked annually. Both Dometic and Norcold have statements in their owner’s manuals pertaining to having the maintenance done or it will void your warranty. The furnace needs to be cleaned annually to ensure there are no nests in the burner chamber causing the furnace to not operate as it should. The hot water needs to have the burner tube cleaned and the fuel air mixture needs to be adjusted as well.

We can repair, clean and inspect or replace any appliance you may need!

Awning Repairs and Replacements:

There are many types of needed repairs for awnings. Awning repairs we can do are guide tracks, recovers, limit settings, sensors, cranks, gear boxes, motors, pitch adjustments, loose fabric, seeping water and additional mounting. If a repair can be done, we will ALWAYS suggest first repairing it before replacement or recover, as it’s typically less expensive for you.

Winterization and De-Winterization:

Don’t want the stress or worry of missing a step when winterizing your RV yourself? Let the professionals save you time and money so you don’t have unnecessary costly spring time repairs. Here are some winter tips as well to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to winterize your RV properly either by professionals or yourself
  • Cover your tires
  • Cover your RV completely if it’s parked outside
  • Check ALL your vents and skylights for leaks
  • Check ALL your seals around the exterior or park it inside if you can
  • Disconnect your batteries
  • Clean out any food that can spoil or attract rodents in the RV
  • It’s a great time to wash and wax your RV
  • Leave your refrigerator cracked open so it’s doesn’t mold
  • Clean storage areas, oven, range, refrigerator and areas around dinette.

If we do your winterization for you, then we will inspect your water system in the spring time as part of the De-winterization process.